Fox and the Fallen City - Revenge Studios

Genre: 3D TPP, adventure, crimnal, RPG, steampunk World: RS UNIVERSUM Time: Main plot 6-7H, with plot threads 10-11H Main Mechanics: inventory, limited crafting, QTE, minigames, arcade, stealth An adventure game in the atmosphere of a psychological thriller. The player runs a detective agency playing the role of a fox-Eldritch. The detective delves into a series of crimes with ten sins as the leitmotif. He has to solve a series of puzzles to get to the root of the problem. The story guides the player through the mirror images of a confused reality filled with a distorted reflection of real reflections. Each stage of the game shows a curved reflection of social maladjustments that tempt illusions. A game in which every moral choice has a consequence. Seemingly obvious situations hide deeper secrets and each of them correlates with individuals and the world. During the game, the player faces the demons behind the sins, in order not to fall into madness, he must remain conscious at all costs. The presented 3D world will take the player into a fantastic and dark world of fun, crimes and dangers. How much can an individual do for the public? The player will find an answer to this question by playing the game Fox and the Fallen City.