C44 - Revenge Studios

This is a game full of adventures, which tells the story of a spy who conducts a sabotage operation behind enemy’s lines, organizes ambushes, steals secret documents and prepares an uprising against the occupant. The game shows war brutality and atrocities done to civilians. It is set in an alternative, steampunk reality, where existing places have been enriched with a futuristic setting. The player's task is to create an underground resistance movement, escape from the occupied country to London and negotiate with the British. In the end, the player must begin an uprising and do whatever is necessary to defeat the enemy with the help of the allies. A role-playing game, set in the realities of war, which combines elements of a fictional role-playing game and a strategy game. Surrealistic places based on familiar, real life examples will allow players both to have fun and get to know the real history behind World War II.