Ally and Dark Fatum - Revenge Studios

(spin-off of Alice House of Pain games and Fox and the Fallen City)

The story of Ally and her dog, who is looking for her brother in a dark land full of evil spirits and traps. Ally angrily tells her brother that she doesn't want to see him anymore. The boy takes it to heart and runs away to a mysterious forest. The girl feels guilty, so she and her dog decide to find her brother and bring him home safely. The player will visit a steampunk city, face the legends and dangers of the world, learn about the mysterious corporation and its plans. Troubled by remorse, she tries to save her brother at all costs, who, unaware of the dangers awaiting him, gets lost in a hostile world. ABOUT THE GAME Genre: 2.5D side-scroller (with a limited possibility to penetrate deeply), puzzle, arcade, story, steampunk World: RS UNIVERSUM Time: 5H Main Mechanics: puzzle, strategy, QTE, minigames Platforms: PC, Konsole, Switch