Alice House of Pain - Revenge Studios

Genre: 3D TPP, adventure, RPG, pshological, steampunk World: RS UNIVERSUM Time: Main plot 6-7H, with plot threads 10-11H Main Mechanics: inventory, limited crafting, QTE, minigames, arcade, stealth The player takes on the role of Alice - an escapee from the Pulchritude research facility. who controls the entire city. As a result of numerous experiments, the heroine lost access to her emotions. Now she sets out on a search for memories that will remind her of how to "feel". An adventure game in the atmosphere of a psychological thriller. The player's goal is to remember ten basic emotions. Each of the dark puzzles reflects the demons that each of us faces in our lives. A story full of reflection and empirical anecdotes will lead the player through the dark corners of the world to face his own demons with which he struggles in everyday life. Alice, trapped in anhedonia due to a combination of circumstances, stimulated by memories, will try at all costs to awaken forgotten emotions.